A Home’s Self-Assembly

The Building of Housing

A Home’s Self-Assembly: The Building of Housing, by Xavier Fonseca, the best-selling author of Las medidas de una casa, is a manual that details the process of building a house from the preparation of the land to the excavation, the foundations, the drainage, the walls, and the electrical installation, on the finishing touches. This work from the ... a house! collection is an essential tool for providing technical advice to architects, engineers, students of related careers, and anyone who wants to build their own house.

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Sobre Xavier Fonseca (Escritor)

  • Xavier Fonseca
    Xavier Fonseca, Maestro en Arquitectura en Investigación y Docencia en Arquitectura, así como también del Diplomado en Gestión Ambiental, otorgados por la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, es catedrático en diversas universidades de México y autor de diversos libros y publ... Ver más sobre el autor

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