Enforced Disappearance in Mexico

From repression to profit

In Enforced Disappearances in Mexico, researcher Roberto González Villarreal explains how politically-motivated disappearance/ detention in the 1970s has evolved into the chillingly profitable business that enforced disappearances represents in today’s Mexico.

With this work, the author seeks to draw attention to both the victims and the collaboration and impunity nets that sustain the infrastructure of this crime against humanity.

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Sobre Roberto González Villarreal (Escritor)

  • Roberto González Villarreal
    Roberto González Villarreal es profesor-investigador del doctorado en Política de los Procesos Socioeducativos de la Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN). Es miembro del Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI), experto en reformas educativas, movimientos sociales y desaparición... Ver más sobre el autor

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