Group Social Work

In Group Social Work, Yolanda Contreras de Wilhelm offers a well-founded and practice-proven method for group intervention. The author describes the formation, life, and evolution of groups, and provides guidelines and techniques to help them achieve and assess their own common good goals. It is a pioneering book that presents group management as an alternative to individual attention in the field of social work and community care, a text that should not be missing in the libraries of students and professionals in the field.

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Sobre Yolanda Contreras Wilhelm (Escritor)

  • Yolanda Contreras Wilhelm
    Yolanda Contreras de Wilhelm es profesora normalista, licenciada en Trabajo Social egresada de la Universidad de Chile, con revalidación de estudios en la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Posgraduada de Trabajo Social Médico y en Conflictos de pareja, cuenta con un... Ver más sobre el autor

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