Mourning for Love

How to cope with divorce, move on and have a good life

Despite how devastating either a divorce or the loss of a partner can be, this book helps you see the benefits of facing reality and starting to build a possible future when everything seems lost.

From her personal and professional experience, drawing on Gestalt psychotherapy, body therapy, the Pathwork method, the transgenerational systemic approach, and bioenergetics, the author guides you on the paths you can follow in order to recover your lost balance, avoid being trapped in suffering, and carry on with your own growth.

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Sobre Abigaíl Arrevillaga (Escritor)

  • Abigaíl Arrevillaga
    Abigaíl Arrevillaga es psicoterapeuta Gestalt con formación en tanatología, Pathwork y terapias corporal y sistémica. Estudió la licenciatura en Economía y la maestría en Ciencias con especialidad en Administración y Desarrollo de la Educación en el Instituto Politécnico Nacional... Ver más sobre el autor

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