Parenting Without Gurus

Guidance and support for first-time and recidivist parents

In Parenting Without Gurus, Elisa Gaona lovingly offers comprehensive information and up-to-date strategies that she has experienced first-hand as both a mother and a paediatrician. She wants parents to ask themselves their own questions and find their own answers because there is no single path to follow, no one-size-fits-all suit. There are no recipes and quick fixes. Elisa states that we are all apprentices, not gurus; but if we have truthful and updated information to decide, everything is easier. This guide is designed for both first-time and recidivist parents from the moment they plan to get pregnant to their baby’s first steps.

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Sobre Elisa Gaona (Escritor)

  • Elisa Gaona
    Elisa Gaona es médico, pediatra y gastropediatra. Fundó en 2012 el Centro de Atención Integral para la Salud (ATIN) y es pionera del método de alimentación complementaria de Baby-Led Weaning (BLW) en México. Su deseo de ofrecer un acompañamiento integral en salud la ha lle... Ver más sobre el autor

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