The Biological Basis of Behaviour

In this updated edition of Bases biológicas de la conducta, Mireya Frausto takes us on a journey through the constituents of the nervous system and its physiological processes in order to understand both the normal and abnormal functions that determine our behaviour. In a simple and compelling manner, this neuropsychology specialist explains how this command centre controls the functions that keep us alive, processes information from the outer environment, and takes part in our reactions to our surroundings.

This work, which is a part of the Basics of Neuropsychology collection, has become an essential reading for both professionals and students from the different branches of the health sciences.

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Sobre Mireya Frausto Rojas (Escritor)

  • Mireya Frausto Rojas
    Mireya Frausto estudió Psicología clínica en la Universidad del Valle de México (UVM), cuenta con diversos posgrados en especializaciones profesionales como Psicodiagnóstico de trastornos mentales y evaluación psicométrica, Educación especial y autismo, Habilidades docentes, Viol... Ver más sobre el autor

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