The Renewed Mind

A guide to generate positive thoughts and emotions whenever you need it

In The Renewed Mind, Federico Pérez Castillo shares the steps needed in order to generate neural circuits that are in permanent renewal, and thus, to turn our suffering into emotional well-being. Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, both dealing with destructive emotions and thoughts, and favouring positive ones, have acquired greater importance around the world. This work seeks to contribute to that global need by pointing out well-traced and well-founded paths out of Self-Sustaining Psychology (PAS in Spanish), an approach based on neuroscience and more than 45 years of clinical work and research by the author.

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Sobre Federico Pérez Castillo (Escritor)

  • Federico Pérez Castillo
    Estudió psicología, psicoterapia y sociología. Se formó en hipnosis Ericksoniana y programación neurolingüística. Fundó y dirigió el Instituto de Psicoterapia Sistémica de Occidente (IPSO), en 1985, en donde formó a más de 20 generaciones de psicoterapeutas. Ha acompañado a miles... Ver más sobre el autor

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