What’s Going On Between Us

Sex therapy with Gestalt

In What’s Going On Between Us, Francisco Fernandez shares the benefits of Humanist and Relational therapeutic interventions in the treatment of sexual abuse and sexual disfunctions, through a Gestalt lens; according to the author, the origin of most of these issues is the inability to intimately and deeply connect with others, which is why Francisco argues that strengthening our personal connections is the key to experiencing a gratifying sexuality. With a wonderful prose and unique style, the psychotherapist and sexologist shares the intimacy of his clinical practice and personal life, revealing what goes on beyond the bedroom, the techniques and the medications for treating sexuality-related problems. 

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Sobre Francisco Fernández Romero (Escritor)

  • Francisco Fernández Romero
    Francisco Fernández Romero es educador, sexólogo y psicoterapeuta, centrado en temas de educación humanista, trabajo vivencial con grupos, sexualidad, alteridad, literatura, psicoterapia y las experiencias estéticas como recurso terapéutico. Estudió Pedagogía en la Universidad Pa... Ver más sobre el autor

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