Why Do My Parents Not Love Me?

Beginning to heal

If parental love is both wonderful and extraordinary, then why does it occasionally cause us so much pain? Why do our parents mistreat us and hurt us as if they didn't love us? How difficult it is to explain ourselves why they act like that! In Why Do My Parents Not Love Me?, Raquel Guerrero will help us answer these painful and difficult questions, as well as have a different perspective on this essential relationship that leaves a mark on us, and find the inner peace to avoid repeating harmful patterns with our own children.

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Sobre Raquel Guerrero (Escritor)

  • Raquel Guerrero
    Raquel Guerrero es licenciada en Terapia de la Comunicación Humana, con maestría en Psicología clínica. Es diplomada especializada en Neuropsicología infantil, Dificultades de aprendizaje, Trastornos del desarrollo infantil, Dificultades de lectura, Escritura y cálculo, Relacione... Ver más sobre el autor

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