Your Life Is Important to Me

Emotional pain and suicide in adolescents

With the aim of helping teenagers and young adults manage their emotional pain, Your Life is Important to Me offers a companion guide for the adults who are close to them. In this book, Jessica Wolf provides three fundamental tools: knowledge about the simultaneous losses adolescents face, ways to support them in processing the emotions that overwhelm them every day, and clues to detect when grief has exceeded their threshold and suicide seems the only way out. With plenty of information for both families and educators, this book provides guidance for prevention, action –when something does occur–, and grief support for adolescents who have lost a loved one to suicide.

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Sobre Jessica Wolf (Escritor)

  • Jessica Wolf
    Psicóloga y maestra en Terapia familiar. Es docente en licenciatura y maestría en la Universidad Iberoamericana, su alma mater. Dedica la mayor parte de su tiempo a la prevención del suicidio, por lo que forma parte de la Asociación Mexicana de Suicidología (AMS) y de la Asociaci... Ver más sobre el autor

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