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  • ¿Qué veo en el cielo de noche?

    ¿Qué veo en el cielo de noche?

    Daniel Martín Reina

    El cielo nos cubre como si fuera una cúpula, en estas páginas descubrirás algunos de sus secretos y podrás ver el cielo nocturno con otros o...
  • Recarga tus gadgets

    Recarga tus gadgets

    Jorge Balmaseda Era

    En este libro aprenderás a fabricar un sistema que te permitirá recargar no solo tu celular sino cualquiera de tus gadgets, y que además se ...
  • Supera tu divorcio ¡ya!

    Supera tu divorcio ¡ya!

    Claves para salir adelante tras la ruptura de pareja

    Vicente Herrera-Gayosso

    El autor hace uso de su experiencia y profundo conocimiento en relaciones de pareja para plasmar todo lo que aprendió en el duro e incierto ...
  • Historia de Magdelaine Bavent

    Historia de Magdelaine Bavent

    Religiosa del monasterio de San Luis de Louviers

    Alberto Ortiz

    Magdelaine Bavent, religiosa en el monasterio de Louviers en Normandía, se vio envuelta en un proceso inquisitorial en el siglo XVII por la ...
  • Sé tu propio terapeuta

    Sé tu propio terapeuta

    Programa de 52 sesiones que sanará tu vida. De mi luz a tu luz

    Pilar Ocampo

    Sé tu propio terapeuta te invita a hacer una instrospección a consciencia para encontrar todas aquellas heridas que te impiden llevar una vi...
  • Celdas solares

    Celdas solares

    Nicté Yasmín Luna Medina

    La colección Sello de arena reúne a destacados científicos y humanistas con el propósito de presentar a los jóvenes lectores los últimos ava...
  • ¿Qué hago con un niño con discapacidad? Aliéntalo

    ¿Qué hago con un niño con discapacidad? Aliéntalo

    Cómo apoyarlo en su desarrollo

    Cecilia Rosales Vega

    Surgido de una investigación realizada a lo largo de varios años y de un amoroso y laborioso trabajo del tema, este libro ofrece al lector i...
  • Discipline With Love for Teenagers

    Discipline With Love for Teenagers

    A Guide to Getting Along with Your Teenager

    Rosa Barocio

    In Discipline with Love for Teenagers, Rosa Barocio supports both teachers and parents, step by step, in acquiring new skills that will make...
  • The Biological Basis of Behaviour

    The Biological Basis of Behaviour

    Mireya Frausto Rojas

    In this updated edition of Bases biológicas de la conducta, Mireya Frausto takes us on a journey through the constituents of the nervous sys...
  • Family Dynamics

    Family Dynamics

    A systemic psychological approach

    Luz de Lourdes Eguiluz

    Family Dynamics is an X-ray of family as a primary social group from the systemic approach. It delves into the interaction processes that ta...
  • Handbook of Science Journalism

    Handbook of Science Journalism

    Steps to publish scientific knowledge with rigor and clarity

    René Anaya

    How to do science journalism in these turbulent times? How to extract the most valuable information from the scientific narrative without lo...
  • Parenting Without Gurus

    Parenting Without Gurus

    Guidance and support for first-time and recidivist parents

    Elisa Gaona

    In Parenting Without Gurus, Elisa Gaona lovingly offers comprehensive information and up-to-date strategies that she has experienced first-h...
  • A Life of Wellbeing After All

    A Life of Wellbeing After All

    The psychological guide to your mental health

    Ramsés Barragán Estrada

    Barragán, with this book, will help you create lasting resources to live in well-being to be able to face difficult moments. It offers you r...
  • Mourning for Love

    Mourning for Love

    How to cope with divorce, move on and have a good life

    Abigaíl Arrevillaga

    Despite how devastating either a divorce or the loss of a partner can be, this book helps you see the benefits of facing reality and startin...
  • Windows to Gestalt Psychology

    Windows to Gestalt Psychology

    Optics, aesthetics, ethics, and erotics of psychotherapy

    Francisco Fernández Romero

    In Windows to Gestalt Psychology, Francisco Fernández draws on the writings of philosophers, educators, poets and artists in order to approa...
  • The Voices of the Body

    The Voices of the Body

    Alberto Palacios Boix

    In this book, those diffuse ideas that we have in our heads are synthesized and explained, with questions and answers carefully prepared wit...
  • Psychopathology


    The Psychology of Abnormality

    Marco Antonio Espinosa

    In Psychopathology. The Psychology of Abnormality, Marco Antonio Espinosa explains the most common mental disorders in the adult population,...
  • The Renewed Mind

    The Renewed Mind

    A guide to generate positive thoughts and emotions whenever you need it

    Federico Pérez Castillo

    In The Renewed Mind, Federico Pérez Castillo shares the steps needed in order to generate neural circuits that are in permanent renewal, and...
  • It's Hard to Be a Woman!

    It's Hard to Be a Woman!

    A guide to understand and deal depression from a gender perspective

    María Asunción Lara

    For many people, depression is a female myth that has been on people's lips for years, only to give excuses for staying in bed, eating badly...
  • Criminal Psychology in 80 Questions

    Criminal Psychology in 80 Questions

    Fernando Pérez Guzmán

    In today's society, so troubled by crime and violence, we constantly ask ourselves: How can anyone be capable of committing cold-blooded mur...
  • Buddhist Mind

    Buddhist Mind

    How to Live Simply

    Kalama Sadak

    In his new book, Buddhist Mind, Kalama Sadak takes a fascinating journey through different aspects of Buddhism as a religion, as a life phil...
  • Psychoanalysis for Curious

    Psychoanalysis for Curious

    An approach to basic concepts

    Ana Martínez Vázquez

    In this book, those diffuse ideas that we have in our heads are synthesized and explained, with questions and answers carefully prepared wit...
  • Shades of Love

    Shades of Love

    Find the love in you

    Shanya Marcela Robles

    Shanya, channeler of the ascended master Volutier, transmits her wisdom and knowledge to us, especially about Love and its different nuances...
  • Me stressed?

    Me stressed?

    Tips to manage stress on a daily basis

    María Elena Maroto

    To relieve the stress that now invades you, you need to make important changes in your lifestyle and give yourself the opportunity to reflec...
  • A Dictionary of Graphology and Personality

    A Dictionary of Graphology and Personality

    Your Writing Will Betray You

    Karen Morales

    A Dictionary of Graphology and Personality: Your Writing Will Betray You is a simple, reliable, and useful tool to get to know a person thro...
  • Gestalt in Small Words

    Gestalt in Small Words

    Theoretical Contributions for Therapeutic

    Francisco Fernández Romero

    In Gestalt in Small Words, Francisco Fernández Romero takes up themes derived from Gestalt theory, reflects on the practice of daily work wi...
  • The Paths of Eroticism

    The Paths of Eroticism

    Revelations From a Professional Sexologist

    David Barrios Martínez

    In The Paths of Eroticism: Revelations From a Professional Sexologist, David Barrios shares his experience both in and out of clinical pract...
  • Thanatology for Parents

    Thanatology for Parents

    How to teach our children to face loss

    Claudia López Morales

    Claudia Lopez Morales, Thanatology specialist, writes this basic guide with what parents need to know about loss, grief, and death. The book...
  • 101 Answers on Love, Relationships, and Break-ups

    101 Answers on Love, Relationships, and Break-ups

    Vicente Herrera-Gayosso

    Two years ago, Vicente Herrera-Gayosso asked his followers, friends, and patients to send him questions or doubts about their couple relatio...
  • Discipline With love

    Discipline With love

    How to Set Limits without Drowning in Guilt

    Rosa Barocio

    In Discipline with Love, Rosa Barocio offers, with practical advice, sensitivity and a great sense of humour, a clear guide to the tough but...
  • Path between Love and Death

    Path between Love and Death

    Chronicles of a pandemic

    Alberto Palacios Boix

    The rise of overpopulated cities and their waste, the clearing of forests and jungles, the encroachment of oceans, and global warming have b...
  • Educating Children with ADHD

    Educating Children with ADHD

    A Guide for Parents and Teachers

    Miguel Rodríguez López

    In Educating Children with ADHD: A Guide for Parents and Teachers, Miguel Rodríguez López guides adults on how to deal with everyday situati...
  • Overcoming Grief After Suicide

    Overcoming Grief After Suicide

    The experiences of those left behind

    Jessica Wolf

    In Overcoming Grief After Suicide, Jessica Wolf offers answers and support to all those who have lost a loved one by suicide. The author int...
  • Pleasures and Lovers

    Pleasures and Lovers

    Sexuality, Eroticism and Bodies

    Verónica Ortiz

    In Placeres y parejas, Verónica Ortiz, a renowned broadcaster and writer, and David Barrios, a vastly experienced sexologist and psychothera...
  • A Home’s Self-Assembly

    A Home’s Self-Assembly

    The Building of Housing

    Xavier Fonseca

    A Home’s Self-Assembly: The Building of Housing, by Xavier Fonseca, the best-selling author of Las medidas de una casa, is a manual that det...
  • Leave Me Alone!

    Leave Me Alone!

    A guide to promote effective peace in schools

    Trixia Valle

    Trixia Valle, an expert and a pioneer in addressing the issue of bullying, has worked for more than a decade to lay the foundations of an an...
  • A Home’s Self-Management

    A Home’s Self-Management

    The Morphology of Housing

    Xavier Fonseca

    A Home’s Self-Management: The Morphology of Housing, by Xavier Fonseca, the best-selling author of Las medidas de una casa, is a step-by-ste...
  • Enforced Disappearance in Mexico

    Enforced Disappearance in Mexico

    From repression to profit

    Roberto González Villarreal

    In Enforced Disappearances in Mexico, researcher Roberto González Villarreal explains how politically-motivated disappearance/ detention in ...
  • Ayotzinapa


    Anger and hope

    Roberto González Villarreal

    On the night of September 26, 2014, forty-three students from the Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa disappeared from the face of the Earth in Igual...
  • The Language of Psychotherapist

    The Language of Psychotherapist

    Communication strategies for clinical practice

    Jesús Miguel Martínez

    In The Language of Psychotherapists, Jesús Miguel Martínez MD, delves into what happens between therapists and clients, focusing on communic...