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  • Celdas solares

    Celdas solares

    Nicté Yasmín Luna Medina

    La colección Sello de arena reúne a destacados científicos y humanistas con el propósito de presentar a los jóvenes lectores los últimos ava...
  • ¿Qué hago con un niño con discapacidad? Aliéntalo

    ¿Qué hago con un niño con discapacidad? Aliéntalo

    Cómo apoyarlo en su desarrollo

    Cecilia Rosales Vega

    Surgido de una investigación realizada a lo largo de varios años y de un amoroso y laborioso trabajo del tema, este libro ofrece al lector i...
  • Discipline With Love for Teenagers

    Discipline With Love for Teenagers

    A Guide to Getting Along with Your Teenager

    Rosa Barocio

    In Discipline with Love for Teenagers, Rosa Barocio supports both teachers and parents, step by step, in acquiring new skills that will make...
  • The Biological Basis of Behaviour

    The Biological Basis of Behaviour

    Mireya Frausto Rojas

    In this updated edition of Bases biológicas de la conducta, Mireya Frausto takes us on a journey through the constituents of the nervous sys...
  • Family Dynamics

    Family Dynamics

    A systemic psychological approach

    Luz de Lourdes Eguiluz

    Family Dynamics is an X-ray of family as a primary social group from the systemic approach. It delves into the interaction processes that ta...
  • Parenting Without Gurus

    Parenting Without Gurus

    Guidance and support for first-time and recidivist parents

    Elisa Gaona

    In Parenting Without Gurus, Elisa Gaona lovingly offers comprehensive information and up-to-date strategies that she has experienced first-h...
  • A Life of Wellbeing After All

    A Life of Wellbeing After All

    The psychological guide to your mental health

    Ramsés Barragán Estrada

    Barragán, with this book, will help you create lasting resources to live in well-being to be able to face difficult moments. It offers you r...
  • Mourning for Love

    Mourning for Love

    How to cope with divorce, move on and have a good life

    Abigaíl Arrevillaga

    Despite how devastating either a divorce or the loss of a partner can be, this book helps you see the benefits of facing reality and startin...
  • Windows to Gestalt Psychology

    Windows to Gestalt Psychology

    Optics, aesthetics, ethics, and erotics of psychotherapy

    Francisco Fernández Romero

    In Windows to Gestalt Psychology, Francisco Fernández draws on the writings of philosophers, educators, poets and artists in order to approa...
  • Psychopathology


    The Psychology of Abnormality

    Marco Antonio Espinosa

    In Psychopathology. The Psychology of Abnormality, Marco Antonio Espinosa explains the most common mental disorders in the adult population,...
  • The Renewed Mind

    The Renewed Mind

    A guide to generate positive thoughts and emotions whenever you need it

    Federico Pérez Castillo

    In The Renewed Mind, Federico Pérez Castillo shares the steps needed in order to generate neural circuits that are in permanent renewal, and...